With wire saw work, the layout of a building can be changed and demolition can be conducted accurately

As a supplier of wire saw work, Dahnke & Dahnke accomplishes accurate break-off of parts of buildings

With this technology demolitions can be carried out in narrow complexes of buildings without affecting adjacent objects. Every solid building material, no matter if concrete, reinforced concrete or brickwork can be cut precisely and disjointed for break-off. In the process the cutting depth is theoretically unlimited. Instead of multiple perforation drills, the demolition gets induced through transection of the building - this allows for accurate work in narrow areas.

Expertise in demolition and expertise in construction: With Dahnke & Dahnke you will find a partner for all drilling and wire saw work for both major and minor projects. Particularly with reconstruction work you can put your visions it to reality with our expertise: e.g. with our wire saw technique an elevator can subsequently be placed in to a building. We also perform accurate change of the layout of living units without overlap. Even steel reinforcement can be neatly intersected. Even under demanding material preconditions and in narrow areas, we make the remodelling of objects possible.

Send us your request for wire saw work and review the project with us – Dahnke & Dahnke stands for technology and experience.

Wire saw work - arranged by Dahnke & Dahnke

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