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Your specialist for drilling in every scale, in ground as in brickwork: Dahnke & Dahnke GmbH is a special company which realises every drilling project for you with the adequate equipment, fast and reliable, ecological and accurate. No matter if reconstruction or new development, if upgrading or subgrade assay: latest technology and project experience is decisive for the proper and prompt execution. You will find both within our company, in consulting and execution.

Which project may we realise with you? Drilling for geothermal energy gains importance throughout the search for alternative heat supplies. If you want to equipt your building with a heat pump or if you belong to the suppliers of such technical appliances, we are the right partner for all necessary drilling work. Soil stores daily heat through solar radiation, but also through rain and air. With geothermal drilling and our expertise you can make this natural heat reservoir accessible for you. We competently conduct drilling for geothermal probes, pumping wells, conduits and other parts of heat pumps.

The cooling effect of soil can be used for air conditioning with our drilling knowledge: "natural" air conditioners feed water for cooling into the soil and then into the corresponding conduits in the building. We have the right technology for working in soil and in buildings:

Drilling in buildings and in the subgrade is our field of expertise.

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