Diamond core drilling by Dahnke & Dahnke drive trough every wall

If you want to equipt your property with the latest building services use our expert knowledge with diamond core drilling

Without agitations or vibrations we carry out the necessary breakthrough drilling holes for the supply air and the air exhaust duct for air conditioning systems as well as conduits for cables and other appliances.

At a theoretically unlimited drilling depth it is possible to achieve very accurate results with this drilling technique. Therefore this drilling technique is especially suited for reconstruction in the sanitary facilities: No extensive chiselling of floors and walls, instead dimensionally accurate work during the search for, or the repair of damaged conduits. With this technology, subsequent work can be carried out in brickwork, concrete and reinforced concrete, screed and asphalt. We can conduct effortless depth drilling for materials testing in the underground as well.

Use modern technology for your living quarters and working area: we create room for the rigs, devoid of making unacceptable annoyances due to low-noise and dust-free diamond core drilling.

No matter if horizontal, vertical or inclined, our diamond core drills drive through every building material true to dimension.

Diamond core drilling - arranged by Dahnke & Dahnke

Core drilling

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