The challenge of controlled demolition – experience in demand here

Controlled demolition to change the layout of constructions and demolish parts of buildings

Dahnke & Dahnke is you support: reliable, professional and with the latest technology which assures both accurate and low-noise work.

With our business partner CWN-Abbruch we carry out selective deconstruction on your buildings. Demolition service one-stop: from the actual demolition work to the professional disposal of accumulating materials up to the disassembling of demanding objects like plants and bridges.

In combination with the latest diamond cutting technique, we can offer you a modern way of controlled demolition which is proven and tested at a lot on several objects - if complete demolition, partial- or complete reconstruction e.g. on asbestos reconstruction. We dispose professionally disposal of the toxic substances and feed the recyclables into the construction material cycle: remaining concrete and walls get hackled in special facilities and recirculated as raw material for the industry.

In cases of reconstruction following damage by water or fire, we won't let you down: we carry out accurate removal of damaged parts of buildings, drying of building structures and drilling at industrial buildings but also at residential premises. Notice our reference pictures: even at challenging demolition and reconstruction projects our technology and experience have been successful. Just send us your application and we will get in touch with you for a non-binding preliminary discussion.

If controlled demolition on a grand scale or at small remodelling projects: Dahnke & Dahnke put your intentions into action.

Controlled demolition - arranged by Dahnke & Dahnke

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